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    Happy Easter Everyone,
    Firstly I would like to say well done to all the students that performed over the weekend, I hope they enjoyed themselves on the big stage. There was a lot of nerves back stage which is expected, those nerves soon turned into excitement. Thank you to all the parents that came down to watch, I heard you cheering away from the wings. Those parents who were not able to attend do not worry, the main purpose for that show was to give the dancers much needed experience, there will be more shows to come where you be able to attend.
    New Term
    Our new term starts this week (27.04.19), due to Easter being so late we’ve had to move everything forward. There will be no half term break this term either, we will run for 12 weeks straight meaning we will finish on 13.07.19, the half term was taken out to ensure we break up before all the schools for the Summer Holidays. It was also mentioned in the previous newsletter there will be a slight fee increase, this is now in effect, please see below for the prices for a full 12 week term:
    Kid N Play / Happy Feet – £84
    Party Machine / Tone Wop – £156
    Kid N Play / Happy Feet (Sibling Discount) – £67.20
    Party Machine / Tone Wop (Sibling Discount)  – £124.80
    For a break down of installment cost and due dates please scroll down to ‘Payment Details’
    End Of Term Demonstrations 
    We will finish off our Summer term on 13/07/19 with a joint end of term demonstration, we will have demos from students from both our Kent and London branches. The demos will be taking place at St John’s Comprehensive and will take part roughly 1-3pm after our normal sessions. Exact times will be confirmed next month
    That looks like everything for now, if anything pops up in the mean time I’ll be sure to let you all know.
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  • 27.04.19 / Summer Term Starts

    The Summer term will be starting on Saturday 27th April

    Class Times
    Kid N Play – 10.00am – 11.00am
    Happy Feet – 10.00am – 11.00am
    Party Machine – 11.00am – 1.00pm
    Tone Wop – 11.00am – 1.00pm

    There will be no half term break, The term will end on Saturday 13th July

    13.07.19 / End Of Summer Term

    Exact timings to be confirmed next term, the end of term will consist of our end of term demos and awards with students from both the London and Kent branch at St John’s Comprehensive.

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    27.04.19 / 08.06.19
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    27.04.19 / 25.05.19 / 22.06.19
  • Kid N Play

  • Kid N Play

  • Kid N Play

  • Happy Feet

  • Happy Feet

  • Happy Feet

  • Party Machine

  • Party Machine

  • Party Machine

  • Tone Wop

  • Tone Wop

  • Tone Wop

  • Sibling Discounts

    Younger siblings receive a 20% discount off term fees
  • Kid N Play or Happy Feet

  • Kid N Play or Happy Feet

  • Kid N Play or Happy Feet

  • Party Machine or Tone Wop

  • Party Machine or Tone Wop

  • Party Machine or Tone Wop

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    Please don’t send cash to us, if you would like to pay via cash please hand it to our admin on the first day of term
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