• Sadlers Wells Show

    Sunday 21st April
    I am really looking forward to seeing the dancers step on stage on Sunday, it’s been a demanding couple of months but now is the time to show why we’ve all been working so hard. We still have a quite a bit of polishing to do which will need to be done on Saturday, please ensure your child is practicing their routines by using the videos I uploaded to their web pages. I’ll have to make some amendments on Saturday to some of the routines to create a better flow. 
    Below you will find all the details you will need to know about Sunday, any questions / queries please get in touch during the week.
    Traveling To The Theatre
    I have moved our pick up time to 7.45am, the coach will pick us up from Rochester road outside St John’s Primary school. Our uniform for the day will be our Black TKDA t-shirts and black bottoms, please ensure your child comes wearing their uniform.
    Traveling From The Theatre 
    After the show our coach will be taking us back to Rochester Road, we should arrive back for 5.30pm. Parents watching the show and wanting to take their child afterwards can do so, children will only be allowed to be collected from our coach so we can sign them off. Alternatively parents who are watching the show and would like to come up back on the coach can do so as long as we have space, I will need everyone to confirm their travel arrangements from the theatre by Saturday. 
    What Will The Dancers Need To Bring
    Coloured T-Shirt with Class name on the back
    Black TKDA T-shirt 
    Black Bottoms
    Blue Jeans
    Trainers (without white sole)
    Packed lunch
    How To Buy Tickets 
    Tickets can be purchased via the Sadlers Wells theatre (020 7863 8000 or, we are performing in the 1pm matinee show of ‘the stars in our eyes’. 
  • TKDA Newsletter

    Hi Parents,
    This month’s edition of your newsletter has more details about our show coming up on 21/04/19, tickets went on sale on Monday and can be purchased via the Sadlers Wells theatre (020 7863 8000 or, we are performing in the 1pm matinee show of ‘the stars in our eyes’. If you scroll down to ‘dates for your diary’ you will find updates on costumes and rehearsals.
    Progression In Classes
    Our classes are designed to try and get the best out of all students, over time we do see  improvements but I believe we can make the process easier. The main obstacles we face are overcoming mental barriers, this usually manifest into a lack of confidence and becoming lethargic which has a knock on effect. Here are couple suggestions I have to help your child excel:
    Attendance and Punctuality – Try to attend all sessions, I understand this may be hard and things may come up from time to time but it will all help in the long run. Arriving early to class will also help your child to be mentally and physically ready, I often do a small prep talk and warm up before the start of each session to boost morale.
    Practicing – it is very important for students to carry on their dance training outside of the class room, I always say practicing little and often is the key to success. It’s always easy to tell who’s been practicing, they are more confident and have more clarity in their moves. Each class has their own page where videos are uploaded weekly to aid their external learning, please see below for the links: 
    Kid N Play Class –
    Happy Feet Class – 
    Party Machine Class – 
    Students in the ‘Party Machine’ & ‘Tone Wop’ class have been asked to come in for 10am to train before class, they have a lot of material to master and need as much extra time as possible, coming in earlier to train with their peers will also take pressure off the students in the lead up to the end of term.
    Appropriate Clothing – it’s important clothing doesn’t restrict movement, loose fitting clothing is a must, changing clothes before / after class is recommended if need be. Footwear also plays a big part, I find running trainers are good for dance as they are light weight and have good flexibility. No jewellery either for health and safety reasons.
    Changes For Next Term
    The show we are doing in London has thrown our term dates slightly out of sync, due to this next term I have decided to work through our half term break which will allow us to still finish on 13/07/19. The plan was to hire a theater to have another big show in July, after not being able to secure a theater I decided to have a big end of term demonstration at St John’s Comprehensive, the demonstration will have students from both our London and Kent branches. The show will be free for the student’s to take part in and for parents to watch.
    From next term there will be a slight price increase on term fees and some merchandise, I’ve been trying to put this off for the past couple of years but increases else where have made it difficult to put it off. I’ll update the prices next month after the last installments are paid.
    That’s everything now be sure to check out ‘dates for your diary’ and all the term dates below.
    Thank you for reading
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  • Dates For Your Diary

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  • London Show Last Rehearsal / 20.04.19

    Our last rehearsal for student’s taking part in the London, this will be a full cast rehearsal consisting of students from both the London and Kent branch. A packed lunch and plenty of water will be needed if you’re child is unable to make the rehearsal please let me know ASAP.

    St John’s Comprehensive
    10am – 1pm

    21.04.19 / Mardi Gras Show (Updated)

    On Sunday 21st April we will be performing in the Mardi Gras production at Sadlers Wells, the TKDA students will be performing alongside other dance schools around England. We’ll be bringing together students from the London and Kent schools to perform, both schools will be performing in two routines on the day. I will have exact details nearer to the time but this is what we know so far:

    – The students will be arriving to the theater by coach, we’ll be leaving from St Johns’ Comprehensive at 8am

    – We should arrive back to St John’s Comprehensive by coach by 5pm

    – The students will be performing in two routines, one in the first half and another in the second half

    – The show starts at 1.00pm, we should be finished by 3.30pm

    – Tickets range from £30 – £40 depending on where you sit, tickets need to be bought through the theater

    – Packed lunch will be needed

    – We will have an extra rehearsal on 13th & 20th April to get us show ready

    The TKDA students will be performing in three numbers on the day, two numbers just with the TKDA students and a finale piece with all the schools. For our two numbers I’ll be designing class t-shirts, for the Hip Hop number they’ll wear the t-shirt with blue jeans, for the popping piece they’ll be wearing the t-shirt with black bottoms. For the finale piece the students will be wearing black bottoms and a black TKDA t-shirt, this will also be our uniform to traveling to and from the theater.

    I’ll be making the order Monday 4th March, please ensure payments and sizes are over to me before then. Please see below

    Class T-Shirt (£10)
    Black TKDA T-shirt (£10)
    Black Bottoms
    Blue Jeans

    27.04.19 / Summer Term Starts

    The Summer term will be starting on Saturday 27th April

    Class Times
    Kid N Play – 10.00am – 11.00am
    Happy Feet – 10.00am – 11.00am
    Party Machine – 11.00am – 1.00pm
    Tone Wop – 11.00am – 1.00pm

    There will be no half term break, The term will end on Saturday 13th July

    13.07.19 / End Of Summer Term

    Exact timings to be confirmed next term, the end of term will consist of our end of term demos and awards with students from both the London and Kent branch at St John’s Comprehensive.

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  • Kid N Play or Happy Feet

  • Kid N Play or Happy Feet

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  • Party Machine or Tone Wop

  • Party Machine or Tone Wop

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